why does dating as a gay man have to be so fucking difficult? why cant i flirt with other guys or hit on them without fearing that im gonna get punched in the face or beaten? why is it just expected that everyone is straight? why cant i go to a book store or a coffee shop or a park and flirt with a random stranger and get their number like every straight person is able to do its just not fair

I guess your gaydar needs some work. I gotta say it’s so much easier being asexual

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And also, boys who are in the 18-30 age group SUCK. In my experience, they are either terrible people, extremely emotionally immature, or a combination of the two. Like, why would you want to put yourself through that?


In other news: Water—Wet!

 Brain research indicating that brain development is not complete until near the age of 25, refers specifically to the development of the prefrontal cortex.

  • My tumblr account has finally settled down to where 99% percent of the time I am no longer assaulted by nakedness and porn.
  • It's all good